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Well, B&W really is nice…. Butt the natural color just make my tongue water🧨

Well, au-natural conjures up a more primal experience - nose to nose - toes to toes- skin to skin, sexy experience! While B & W presents a more dreamy, reflective, and starry world. I think I'm currently in a more au-natural mood. 🤔 B&W or colour you always look very sexy, horny and fuckable Mrs B from your secret admirer lol ok not very secret but definitely admirer of you in stockings and CFMs 👿😉😋👅🍆🍩💦 The soft form of the bottom of your booty, coming up, and into the shape of your lower back. That shit is so arousing I sweat! Lol. Your ass is just amazing any way it is took.You know I’m def a mono fan 😍🍑🔥 I prefer colored simply because it's the real you, and the real you is sexy as fuck 💋